User Experience

researcher × strategist


Leading research and activities that make end user experiences
more impactful and add value to businesses.


  • Cloud + Server
  • Web + Desktop
  • TV + Kiosk
  • Mobile + Tablet
  • Wearables


  • Healthcare
  • Financial/Banking
  • Entertainment
  • Telecommunications
  • Food/Beverage
  • Airline
  • Retail/Wholesale


  • Research & Analysis
    • Exploratory & explanatory research
    • Evaluative & extended research
    • Secondary research synthesis 
    • Quantitative data reviews
  • Strategic Insights
    • Product discovery
    • Alignment with business objectives
    • Persona journeys and touchpoints
    • Conceptual design 
  • Content Planning
    • Information Architecture
    • Use case to feature mapping
    • Taxonomy and content audit


  • Lean UX and UCD principles for R&D, pre-discovery product initiatives, and product development cycles


  • Standing up UX departments including research and design
  • Measuring UX success 
  • Streamlining internal UX
    processes for businesses
  • Talent evaluations and recommendations
  • Budget allocation and UX investment calculations

The following are examples of typical work and activities in which I engage. For more detailed examples and walkthroughs of research, please contact me at

The Advisory Board | Crimson  

UX Strategist for complex healthcare system digital endpoints


Additional Support

  • Hands-on UX, diving specifically into generative and evaluative research, analysis and structural designs for big data solutions

  • Facilitating product discovery and cross-department work sessions 

  • Defined user metrics and established cadence for collection and trend reporting

  • Graphic design of conceptual work


  • Director of UX Strategy bridging end user insights with product development and leading research tracks across all products
  • Responsible for UX roadmaps, persona development, conceptualizing UIs for testing, and supplying recommendations for experience improvements
  • Collaborating with Product Management, Competitive Intel, and other departments to blend user insights with business strategy

Polycom Conceptual Product UIs

UX design and research for device video conferencing, interactive Smart Whiteboards, and telephonic displays



  • Partnered with UX Director, colleague designers, and product team leads to determine scope and use case priorities 
  • Created rapid wireframes and designs for collaborative and iterative sessions with the development team 
  • Assisted in interactive prototype designs for end user testing


  • Management and implementation of design language and interactive standards 

  • Established experience continuity across user touchpoints including technical content and messaging

  • Facilitation of user validation sessions 


UX Lead for all AT& shopping and product experiences


  • UX Lead driving structure and content organization to the phone shopping experience of the .com 
  • Responsible for mapping content and features to business objectives and personas
  • Coordinated with Creative Director, Animation expert, and Copywriter to build the final experience

Sunny Delight
Beverages, Co

Information Architect for web site design refresh


  • Freelance Information Architect
    for XO agency
  • Responsible for hierarchy and organization of timely social
    content and site feeds
  • Coordinated with Art Director, Creative Director, and Project Manager to create an engaging tween-early teen UI
Finalized UI can be found at

Based in Austin, TX. 

Available for:

  • Freelance and consulting
  • Remote and in-person mentoring
  • Travel upon request